Taking inspiration from a time before fast fashion, we design our pieces to be cared for as they once were – selected mindfully, worn respectfully and treated preciously. Our extra fine wool is specifically chosen for its luxurious texture and versatility, it is resilient, but we all need a little TLC sometimes. In order to make it last a lifetime, please follow our recommendations.



100% wool needs to be handled with care, you can try the delicate wool function on your washing machine but if you’d like to use your hands, here are some guidelines to get the finest results:

  • If machine washing, remember to turn the garment inside out and place within a laundry mesh bag. Use the delicate wool setting and very little specialised detergent. 
  • Fill a large clean bowl with warm water, no hotter than 30°C, add one tablespoon of mild washing detergent. Use two tablespoons for larger items.
  • Turn the knit inside out before placing it to soak for no longer than 5 minutes.
  • Use your hands or a no-fibre cloth to gently work at any stains or odour patches.
  • Rinse with fresh cool water. Gently squeeze to release as much water as possible, no wringing or twisting, please!
  • Lay out against a flat surface and dab lightly with a clean dry towel if the mood takes you.
  • Leave your knit to air dry.




  • Always fold your knits, never hang.
  • If storing for a long period of time, place into a lightweight cotton bag. Add lavender buds as a natural moth deterrent.



Pilling is natural, it’s a sign that you love your knit. If you do want a refresh, try the following therapeutic methods (remember to use delicate and patient hands for best results): 

  • Use a wool specialist wool comb, lay against a flat surface and softly comb from top to bottom. Make sure not to rush as you don’t want to snag the wool.
  • Use a gentle razor (no water needed) to lightly trim away pills.
  • For a kinder method, use a pair of small nail scissors to remove the pills.
  • If you love your gadgets, you may enjoy using fabric shavers that remove pilling like a charm.